NCCK's Human Rights Center LGBT Fact Sheet
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DATE 2017-11-27 HIT 703
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NCCK's Human Rights Center 


Sexual Minorities Fact Check

The National Council of Churches in Korea's Human Rights Center created a facts check resources for Korean Churches to learn about homosexuality.


Translated from Korean, the pamphlet says, "the process of accepting each other's differences can be accompanied by many difficulties and trials. However, the church can not ignore those who are being discriminated against and marginalized in society. The church is a community of love, hospitality, and solidarity. The Spirit of the Lord gives us new wisdom and a path of great love."


NCCK Human Rights Center answers four questions

  1. What is homosexuality?
  2. Is homosexuality a disease?
  3. What is the anti-discrimination act?
  4. Is homosexuality a sin?
*The original document in Korean language is attached*


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