The statement regarding the third nuclear test
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DATE 2013-02-13 HIT 2891
 The statement regarding the third nuclear test
February 12, 2013
The Reconciliation and Unification Committee of the National Council of Churches in Korea expresses regret and concern that the third nuclear test by North Korea has seriously brought deterioration to peace on the Korean peninsula as well as in Northeast Asia. Nuclear testing is not helpful to peace on the Korean peninsula and in the world, in any circumstance.
The humanitarian community relies on the policies which limit North Korea with respect to rocket launching, long distance missile testing and nuclear testing organized by North Korea, but the fact is that the policy of sanctions against North Korea makes an unpredictable situation in the Korean peninsula. It is necessary to make a fundamental change in the approach to the North to overcome the vicious cycle of excessive nuclear development
Lee Myung Bak's government has criticized the pacificatory policies of the former government, but it should be deeply recognized that the sanction policies to North Korea have not been useful in lessening the tensions on the Korean peninsula.  Moreover, they did not take any action at all when they knew North Korea was preparing to conduct the third nuclear test.
For the sake of peace and life on the Korean peninsula, authorities in South and North Korea should have a conversation without any conditions. To reduce the tension, counties related with the Korean peninsula should also deal with the test with exclusive and peaceful alternatives by tolerantly talking.
The Reconciliation and Unification Committee in NCCK
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